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How to Pray the Father's Heart - Rev. Terry Mahan (BT623)

This course offers a practical examination of prayer in regard to biblical principles. Emphasis is placed on knowing and praying the Father's “heart” (His will) as revealed in Jesus' life and prayers.

Title - The Necessity of Prayer
Author - E. M. Bounds
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Gain a biblical understanding of the dynamics of prayer.
Understand that effective prayer is not a formula or method, but determining God’s will in a matter and praying it into existence.
Examine practical, applicable-to-life patterns of prayer.
Discover a deeper relationship with God through prayer.

Rev. Terry Mahan is the founding, Senior Pastor of The Father’s House, a contemporary,
trans-denominational and multi-racial congregation. He has ministered in over 70 nations, and his passion is to see people become fully devoted followers of Christ. Pastor Terry’s teaching focuses on how to apply the Word in your everyday life so you can experience the incredible destiny God has planned for you.

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