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Christology - Dr. Sandra Kennedy (BT321)

This course is a study of Jesus Christ: God's perfect man, man's perfect God. Topics include His preexistence in eternity, His birth, His humanity, His crucifixion and His resurrection.

-Gain a better understanding of who Jesus really is–all of God and all of man.
-Recognize the story of Jesus throughout scripture, from Genesis to Revelation.
-Be confronted with the reality and knowledge that Christ Jesus is reachable.
-Gain insights that assist the development of a more personal relationship with the person of Christ Jesus.

Dr. Sandra Kennedy is the founder and Senior Pastor of Whole Life Ministries in Augusta, Georgia. She is a teacher, conference speaker and author who has a national and international television ministry. She established a healing team ministry that trains believers to administer the power of God's Word to the sick. She founded The Healing Center where the Word of God is exalted, the healing power of God is manifested, and the love and compassion of Christ is demonstrated.

Title - The Person & Work of Christ
Author - Dr. Ruth Paxson
Available from the publisher HERE.

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