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Prayer: Its Power and Purpose - Dr. Gordon Henry (BT225)

This course is a foundational study of prayer, with a focus on the scriptural and systematic study of spiritual warfare. Students will come to see that Satan has already been defeated and has no place to stand.

-Understand what prayer is by studying biblical examples, including the prayers of Jesus.
-Learn why we pray in Jesus’ name and why the Holy Spirit’s involvement is crucial to a successful prayer ministry.
-Gain practical tips for deepening your personal prayer life.

Dr. J. Gordon Henry is the president and founder of J. Gordon Henry Ministries. He retired as the executive director for the Transnational Association of Christian Colleges and Schools (TRACS) in 1995, following an eleven year tenure. Prior to that time, he served as president at Northeastern Bible College in Essex Fells, New Jersey. Before that, he was Dean of the College and Vice President for Academic Affairs at Liberty Baptist College (now Liberty University). Since 1995, he has served as an educational consultant to colleges in California, Florida, Georgia and South Carolina.

Title - Spiritual Warfare: Prayer And The Word
Author - Gordon Henry
NOTE: To order a hard copy, please contact Gina Brasington at CLSTG Headquarters: gina.brasington@clstglobal.org or (706) 223-0886.

Course Textbook: INCLUDED

  • Introduction sample
  • Video Lectures
  • Session 1A sample
  • Session 1B
  • Session 2A
  • Session 2B
  • Session 3A
  • Session 3B
  • Session 4A
  • Session 4B
  • Session 5A
  • Session 5B
  • Session 6A
  • Session 6B
  • Session 7A
  • Session 7B
  • Session 8A
  • Session 8B
  • Session 9A
  • Session 9B
  • Session 10A
  • Session 10B
  • Exam
  • BT225 Exam
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  • BT225 Course Survey
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  • You must complete the test "BT225 Exam"