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The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership - Dr. Randal Langley (CEU) (PT511)

This course will focus on the study and application of the 21 laws of leadership as defined and written by Dr. John Maxwell. Students will gain a thorough knowledge of each of the 21 laws and be exposed to questions that challenge current systems of application.

Clear, practical, and life-changing, this course is a wealth of practical insights on what it takes to be an effective leader.

Cognitive Domain
A. Identify the 21 different leadership laws and distinguish between acceptable and unacceptable practices.

B. Explain what a leadership culture looks like and set such leadership principles in place.

C. Evaluate leadership tools for overall effectiveness, practical use, and long-term benefit.

Affective Domain
A. The student will be exposed to and made aware of the various leadership challenges that impact organizations and ministries.

B. The student will be equipped to apply sound leadership principles in life, business, and ministry.

C. The student will gain an appreciation of the value of each of the 21 laws of leadership.

Dr. Randal S. Langley is the President & CEO of Christian Life School of Theology Global, Inc. He is a visionary leader who has been widely embraced as a cutting edge strategist and innovative thinker for our times. His passion is to help people fulfill their ultimate purpose in life and achieve their God-given dreams. Through CLST, Dr. Langley’s goal is to educate and empower Christian leaders of diverse cultures who are passionate for God’s presence and advancing the Great Commission around the world.

Dr. Langley’s education and experience has enabled him to be a successful church planter, educator, entrepreneur, mentor, and friend. He is also a founding partner and certified life coach, teacher, and trainer for the John C. Maxwell Team. Dr. Langley has written articles for many of today’s leading blog’s and publications.

Title - The 21 Irrefutable Laws Of Leadership
Author - John Maxwell

Course Textbook: INCLUDED

Completion rules
  • You must complete the test "PT511 Exam"