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Creation: Our Foundation I - Dr. Grady McMurtry (BT305)

This course explores the biblical teaching on creation, its implications, problems and issues of interpretation. The class provides an introduction to the scientific method and a survey of the basic concepts of the biological, natural and physical sciences with a consideration of related questions which confront the biblical Christian worldview. Topics include scientific creationism, theistic evolution, Mt. St. Helens, physical evidence for Noah's Flood, dinosaurs, geochronometers and the origin of the races.

-Develop a biblical viewpoint of origins as compared to the culturally accepted belief in evolutionary development.
-Understand the Christian worldview solidly grounded in biblical creation as opposed to alternative worldviews.
-Increase in knowledge of natural science and establish a biblical philosophy of science.

Dr. Grady S. McMurtry is an American Christian apologist who focuses on the areas of biblical creation and creation science. He was an evolutionist for 20 years, a theistic evolutionist for one and a half years, and has been a biblical creationist for 35+ years. He has made hundreds of appearances on radio and television, lectured in universities, colleges and schools and spoken in churches worldwide.

Title - The Collapse of Evolution
Author - Scott M. Huse
ISBN - 9780801057748
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