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Training for Reigning - Dr. Ronald E. Cottle (OT250)

“Training for Reigning” is a study of principles of leadership and training based upon the calling, training and rule of David.

Special emphasis is placed upon David’s life and the “classrooms” of preparation he had to pass through. Also considered in some depth are David’s call, his anointing, his character, and faithfulness to God. Not overlooked are David’s weaknesses and failures.

-Increase our understanding and appreciation of David as a model of leadership in the Kingdom of God;
-Explore principles of leadership and preparation discovered in his life and development;
-Apply these principles to our own lives and learn to use them daily;
-Encourage further study of salient pictures of character development and spiritual, intellectual understanding necessary for effective leadership.

Dr. Ron Cottle is the founder of the Christian Life School of Theology, founder of Beacon University, and former president of the Assemblies of God Graduate School in Springfield, Missouri.

World renowned as an outstanding teacher and educator in the Christian community, he received a diploma in Theology from Southeastern Bible Institute, Lakeland, Florida; a B.A. in English-Religion, Florida Southern College in Lakeland, Florida; the M-Div. from Lutheran Theological Southern Seminary, Columbia, South Carolina; and the Ph.D. in Religion and the M.S.Ed. and Ed.D. in Higher Education from the University of Southern California.

His teaching style has been called “scholarship on fire” by those who have attended his lectures. His thoughts and counsel are straightforward, dynamic and powerful. Dr. Cottle’s teachings will help today’s spiritual leaders and other sincere “thinking Christians” to discover the mystery and the majesty of the Bible.

Title - Anointed to Reign I
Author -Dr. Ronald E. Cottle

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